About Us

Dart Designs was the original company to innovate, design and produce the sailcloth windbreak.

The Designer - Diana Robbins, formed Dart Designs as a result of her experience as an International windsurfer, and her passion for the coast, windsurfing and sailing.

Twenty years ago, whilst competing, she was given some advertising banners made from sailcloth from one of her sponsors, and had the idea of stitching them together to make a windbreak. This first windbreak was made by Diana's Grandmother in 1987 and has been much admired over the years, with many people asking where they could get one similar, and in fact it is still in use today.

The inspiration was also brought about by the general lack of choice and poor quality of the majority of windbreaks currently available, and the desire to create a windbreak which is of high quality, durable, unique, individual, and beautiful.

Environmental and sustainability benefits were also a driving force. Sailcloth is petrol based, and takes a long time to decompose when buried in the ground. Recycled sailcloth has a lot of life left in it, as it is extremely hardwearing. It also softens and takes on an attractive distressed weathered patina with age, which only serves to add to its attractiveness and appeal. The concept was conceived a long time ago, but it is only since 2008 that the designer has found herself in a position to finally realise this great idea. The windbreaks are made in the UK, beside the beautiful river Dart in Devon, and materials are sourced locally where possible.

We hope that you will enjoy using your windbreak, in the knowledge that you are helping the environment, whilst appreciating having a product which reflects a nautical lifestyle, and is exclusive; as no two are the same.


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